The Red Line – Season 1

The Red Line – Season 1

The Red Line


Episode: Eps 06 HD

Duration: 42 min

Country:United States

Actors:Aliyah RoyaleAshley VaughanElizabeth LaidlawEmayatzy CorinealdiHoward CharlesMichael Patrick ThorntonNoah WyleNoel FisherRammel Chan…Vinny Chhibber

Genres: Crime, Drama

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The Red Line - Season 1 HD

One of the main characters of Red Line season 1 is an experienced police officer Paul Evans. But one day, an exemplary Chicago officer, makes a terrible mistake. He sees a black man in the store. He seems suspicious. An experienced law enforcement officer decides that a man wants not to purchase products, but to rob a store. And he decides to act – he gets a pistol and shoots a suspicious subject. He dies, but it turns out that he was not going to rob anyone. The dead man is an exemplary citizen, a doctor who saved many lives. Of course, this incident made the effect of a bomb in society. The media are discussing the policeman’s actions with frenzy, the paparazzi are pursuing Paul. He and his relatives are under tremendous pressure. The policeman is going through what happened very hard, trying to cope with his guilt.

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