Supergirl – Season 3

Supergirl – Season 3



Duration: 43 min

Country:United States

Actors:Calista FlockhartChris WoodChyler LeighDavid HarewoodFloriana LimaJeremy JordanKatie McGrathMehcad BrooksMelissa BenoistOdette Annable…

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

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Supergirl - Season 3

Supergirl season 3 is the continuation of the American adventure TV series with Melissa Benoist starring, based on the comic book series “Supergirl”. The heroes of the TV show returned to the past in the final of the second season of “Supergirl”. This is the day when Krypton was destroyed. It turned out that Kara Zor-El and her famous cousin-german are not the only ones who survived after the destruction of the planet. Another child was placed in a special capsule in advance, from which the Kryptons rescued him. Nevertheless, it seems, their intentions were not good. Thus, the main antagonist in the new episodes of the TV series Supergirl will be Reign (Odette Annable). She belongs to the race of Worlds Killers. These are the bloodthirsty monsters created by Zor-El in the DC universe. She grew up on Krypton, where local scientists endowed her with super abilities. Reign, like Kara, has superhuman strength, speed and ability to fly.

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