Sky Riders (1976)

Sky Riders (1976)

Sky Riders


Episode: HD

Duration: 91 min

Director:Douglas Hickox

Country:GreeceUnited States

Actors:Antonis Antypas…Charles AznavourHarry AndrewsJames CoburnJohn Beck…Kenneth GriffithRobert CulpSusannah YorkWerner PochathZouzou

Genres: Action, Adventure

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Sky Riders (1976) HD

Robert Culp plays Bracken, a rich industrialist whose life seems perfect until his wife, Ellen, and their children are kidnapped by terrorists. After failed attempts by the police to capture the terrorists, Ellen’s ex husband enters the fray and plans his own rescue attempt. James Coburn plays McCabe, Ellen’s ex-husband who hires a crew of professional hang gliders to help him rescue her and the kids from the terrorists’ mountain top lair. Written by Patrick Knightly

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