Chernobyl – Season 1

Chernobyl – Season 1



Episode: Eps 02 HD

Duration: 64 min

Director:Johan Renck

Country:United KingdomUnited States

Actors:Adam NagaitisCon O'Neill…Emily WatsonJared HarrisJessie BuckleyKarl DaviesPaul RitterRobert EmmsSam Troughton…Stellan Skarsgård…

Genres: Drama, History

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Chernobyl - Season 1 HD

The plot tells about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, the evacuation of the inhabitants of Pripyat and the elimination of consequences. This is a story about the courage and dedication of people who threw all their forces to save Europe from the consequences of the accident. Moreover, according to the creators, the shocking details about the heroes who fought with the disaster will be revealed.

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