Bull – Season 3

Bull – Season 3



Episode: Eps 22 HD

Duration: 60 min

Country:United States

Actors:Annabelle AttanasioChris JacksonDoris McCarthy…E.J. BonillaFreddy RodríguezGeneva CarrInna MuratovaJaime Lee KirchnerMacKenzie MeehanMichael Weatherly

Genres: Comedy, Drama

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Bull - Season 3 HD

Bull season 3 continues the story about a self-confident judicial adviser who specializes in working with juries. He and his team win the most difficult cases. The high authority of the protagonist causes unconditional trust of the richest and most influential clients. Numerous lawsuits testify to professionalism and responsibility of his consulting workers. But Mr. Bull helps only those clients, in whose innocence he is sure. Dr. Jason Bull returns to his beloved, but very hard work after a heart attack. Doctors do not recommend him nervous loads, but another client is waiting for his protection in the upcoming season 3 of Bull tv series.

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