9-1-1 – Season 2

9-1-1 – Season 2



Episode: Eps 18 HD

Duration: 43 min

Country:United States

Actors:Aisha HindsAngela Bassett…Corinne MassiahJennifer Love HewittKenneth ChoiMarcanthonee ReisOliver StarkPeter KrauseRockmond DunbarRyan Guzman…

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

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9-1-1 - Season 2 HD

9-1-1 season 2 is the continuation of the procedural about brave rescuers. Recall that the plot revolves around policemen, firefighters, paramedics and dispatchers of the rescue service. Every day they forget about their own problems, to run to those who need their help. Apparently Bobby Nash team will not have the weekend in the upcoming season 2. For example, rescuers will have to face the real chaos that will cause a strong earthquake, already in the first episode. And help may be needed not only for ordinary citizens, but for the main characters of 9-1-1 TV series themselves…

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